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The RuneScape Trilogy

Based on the immensely popular gaming world of RuneScape, these novels have achieved a loyal fanbase amongst gamers and fantasy fiction readers alike.

Welcome to the website of TS Church

Hello! Welcome to my website. Here you will find all the latest projects I have been working on as well as details on previous writings and my irregular blog. I try to respond to any enquires on social media too.




Start the adventure with RuneScape 1: Betrayal at Falador

Featured work

A FREE Watt Pad exclusive:

STAR WARS: Heir to the Sith.

This novel is a fan-fiction from the Star Wars universe.


As an author intrigued by today's many storytelling mediums, this completed story is ideal to examine the potential of Watt Pad in delivering novel-length pieces of work and to see what readership base can be built up.


A new chapter from the novel will be released every 2 days.

Contact me and keep up to date with my work

I am active on social media - Twitter is probably the best to ask a quick question or engage in discussion about the books.

(if it's a project or a content branded proposal then it's best to come through the site's contact page).

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