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Prince Armatus and the Dragon images?

The Saint and the Dragon.

Prince Armatus and the Dragon is a stand alone novel that serves as a prelude to a series in current development: The Saint and the Dragon.

This series focuses on the clash between the two religions that dominate this world and the political trials of key individuals whose decisions will change history.

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About Prince Armatus and the Dragon

One world. Two religions. The Saint, and the Dragon. Between them a millennia of conflict.

The Caliphate of the Dragon is on the march once more.


This time, their target is Korvak, the last vassal of the once great Myrekium Empire. Korvak. A land of unforgiving terrain, of mountains and rivers and paranoid rulers and despots. A land where victory in war can hang entirely upon the vagaries of the weather and the coming of the winter snow, and where betrayal and shifting loyalties are never far away.


And if Korvak falls, the whole continent of Avrula, and all the lands of the Saint, will be open to the Dragon's hunger.

The call has gone out across the lands of the Saint's worshippers. From the north, the Holy Moravian Empire musters its soldiers. Whilst from their island home in the Inner Sea, the last great army of the Myrekium Empire sails under the embittered Emperor Michael and his son, Prince Armatus, to protect their sole remaining vassal.


It is a war no side can afford to lose. And in a war between two nations with so much animosity, can the heroics of any man, even a Myrekium Prince, be enough not just for victory, but for an honourable, lasting peace?

For the Myrekium veteran Darius, tutor to the Prince, war is a duty he has come to weary. For the young Prince Armatus, it is a chance to prove himself and his people as honourable men in battle against the Dragon. And for the bastard boy Durro, son of Korvak's Prince Lazaar, it is the chance to renew his hope, hope that his future is not the same as his father's . . .

War will test each of them. It will punish them. It will mock their hopes and dreams. It will realise their darkest fears.


And for some, it will completely destroy them.

About the world of the Saint and the Dragon



TS Church

The world of the Saint and the Dragon is heavily influenced by the historical events of the 15th and 16th centuries: A Renaissance is firing the minds' of Europe, a New World has been discovered just as the Byzantium Empire has been destroyed. The rule of the Vatican is being questioned by new branches of faith. And on the doorstep of a fracturing continent is the might of the Ottoman Empire led by a highly capable Sultan. It is a world where the student of history will see obvious and deliberate parallels to our world, and might sense comfort in such familiarity only to be even more unsettled because of it.

This period in human history seems to have been overlooked by fantasy writers as a whole, and yet it is so absolutely fascinating. Religious strife, the birth of nationhood, and changes in thought and technology lend itself to the writer as few other eras can.

And just as it is historically interesting, it is also profoundly relevant to today's world. In our modern time of lightning technological change, mass movements of people and the clash of cultures and religious fear, never has our current era been so echoed in history than compared to this period.

And whilst this is a fantasy world, it is a dark fantasy where less is more: in the world of the Saint and the Dragon, the reader will find themselves on familiar territory to our own world, where the line between the fantastical and the everyday is hard to perceive. Where the belief of the reader as to what is magical and what is the belief of the characters at the time is hard to discern. After all, when the fantastical is rare, it is all the more fantastical for it.


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