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Enter the fantasy world of RuneScape

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RuneScape 1: Betrayal at Falador

In the kingdom of Asgarnia, the Knights of Falador are beacons of order and chivalry, but their dominance is threatened by the forces of chaos which plot to shatter the time of peace.

When a mysterious young woman suddenly appears in the city of Falador in the teeth of a storm, her arrival launches a chain of events that will alter the fate of the kingdom forever.

Unless the knights can solve the riddle of Kara-Meir, everything they hold dear may be lost.


RuneScape 2: Return to Canifis

Varrock is a city filled with dangerous secrets. People have been disappearing, taken by an inhuman abductor. Its victims are murdered...or worse. For some are spirited away to Morytania, the land where vampires rule.


As Kara-Meir and her friends--heroes of the Battle of Falador--gather for the Midsummer Festival, unrest grows against the crown. A conspiracy is unmasked, and the King is forced to send representatives across the holy river.


For reasons of his own, he selects the now famous heroine Kara, as well as Gar’rth, unique in his knowledge of the land of the dead. They are accompanied by Theodore, Doric the dwarf, the wizard Castimir, and the barbarian priestess Arisha, on a mission that will force Gar’rth to confront his violent heritage, and test their loyalties to the limit.


For the price of failure in Morytania is far worse than death, and if they do then a new King will rule in Varrock. A King of both the living and the dead.

RuneScape 1: Betrayal at Falador


RuneScape 3: Legacy of blood

RuneScape, Legacy of Blood, continues the story of Kara-Meir, the Knight Theodore, Castimir the wizard, and Gar'rth, as the undead army of Morytania advance upon the human realm of Misthalin.

For all, this is a time of high adventure and grim choices: Kara-Meir will have to choose over her mission or her friends. For Theodore, his duty puts him at odds with the wizard Castimir and the beautiful courtier Lady Anne.


But the biggest challenge rests with Gar'rth.  Trapped in the realm of the dead, he will undergo a trial as hard as any that he has had to endure before. And if he fails, he can only dread what he will be forced to become.

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