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Welcome to the new blog of TS Church

This has been on my agenda for a long time: get a new site, put up a blog to help engage with readers and friends, and start rebuilding my writing career after a few years of books that haven't yet matured enough in my mind to be put own on paper. (That's actually the way it works for me: I take an idea, and if I jump on it too soon then it usually misfires - better to let the concepts and nuances develop themselves over a cup of tea whilst looking idly out of the window at my long tailed tits fluttering around the garden).

Nonetheless, I do have a project that I am about to inflict on the unsuspecting world and releasing a new website is the right thing to do to help mark this occasion. That project is my step into the Star Wars universe - a project that was rather delightful in the making and was a worthwhile intellectual exercise. It will shortly become an exercise in promotion and marketing as well - so if anyone wants to help spread the word then I would be grateful!

Thanks very much.




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