Who is T.S.Church ?


I suppose I would best be placed to answer that question. Welcome to my site.

My name is Tom Church. (You don't need to know what the S stands for. No one needs to know . . .). I write books based on the hugely popular online world of RuneScape, published by Jagex Ltd.

I was born in 1979 in Worcestershire, England, the youngest of five brothers. I eventually found my way to university after achieving a very modest outcome in my A levels, where I studied a mixture of IT, business, and marketing. In the enormous amount of spare time I started to write. Eventually (after nearly ten years in fact), I managed to publish my first novel in conjunction with Jagex, Betrayal at Falador, which is most likely why you are here.

I hope you enjoy your visit, but I hope you enjoy the books far more. (And if you do, then please leave a review on Amazon in your relevant countries!)

I would also like to say that you can follow me on Twitter. I'm not promising fireworks, or hugely entertaining jokes every other day, but it's a fantastic medium to get to know people. You can find me at TS_Church - there's even a black and white picture of me! (A colour one might put people off their dinner).

I also have a Facebook account. Again, this is TS Church too. 'Like me' . . . if you dare! (Click the right hand FB link).

All the best to any weary travellers who find their way here!

TS Church.